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LoHi’s New Sushi Patio

We're counting down the days to welcoming sushi to our dining experience. Are you excited yet? You will be when you realize that our location is one of the few restaurants in our awesome neighborhood of Lower Highland that has a sunny outdoor patio for enjoying sushi...

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Denver Restaurant Week’s Unique Special

It's that time of year again for Colorado - The Denver Restaurant Week. What's a unique way to enjoy it this year? We're the only restaurant in town that serves Shabu Shabu, so we're also the only place you can get it, even for Denver Restaurant Week. Since we just...

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Welcome to The Swish Club

We're all about the swish (Shabu Shabu) at Kobe An. There's something about that gentle dip of premier mouth-watering American Kobe Beef in savory broth and vegetables. Choosing how long the steaming broth cooks your meat and vegetables, you appreciate your part in...

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