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Welcome to Kobe An LoHi, Denver's traditional Japanese Cuisine.
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Our passion is the preparation of the “traditional Shabu Shabu” dish and grade AAA quality sushi, to bring you the enjoyment of a traditional Japanese Cuisine experience.

We are committed to a healthy, old-world style of shabu shabu dining that highlights the natural tastes of our quality meat and locally sourced vegetables prepared with our house-made sauces.

Our sushi is hand-crafted with the same high-quality standards, using only the freshest ingredients with Chef Marco’s creative and experienced touch.


We source locally, particularly our premium Colorado beef of which we offer two selections. Our Aspen Ridge Natural Beef starts with high quality Angus cattle that have never been introduced to hormones or antibiotics. This premium brand holds itself to the highest standards for genetics, animal handling and feeding protocols. Snake River Farms’ American Wagyu Kobe Beef features the highest level of marbling available from Snake River Farms.

At the top of our selection, is our rib-eye steak which blends the traditional rich beef flavor that discerning palates love with the tender buttery essence of Japanese Wagyu.

For our sushi, we provide a full menu of delicious options, including some of our own creations. Not only are the ingredients fresh and beautiful, they are created from the heart, with quality and care.


Be open and you’ll be prepared for an amazing interactive experience (click here to learn How to Eat Shabu, Shabu). The West has not seen this type of traditional Japanese dining, especially in its original old-world form.

After years of living and working in the food/restaurant industry of L.A., we believe that Denver’s taste has certainly evolved over the years and now welcomes Shabu Shabu.

As the owners, we are from culturally blended families with the diverse foundation of Japanese heritage that has a legacy of successful Japanese restaurants throughout the Denver-metro area for over 25-years.

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