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One of the many fun and delicious things about Shabu Shabu, is that you can customize it according to your personal taste. How you cook the quality beef and fresh vegetables we prepare for you, is up to you. For example, if you like your meat more rare, you swish it less. If you like your broth spicy, add our delicious homemade Ghost Pepper Oil for a deliciously deep, smoky heat to your meal.

We do all we can to encourage the best Shabu Shabu experience for you. So here are some tips and our short video on what to keep in mind.

Come Dine With Us!

  • We provide the option of our homemade dashi or miso broth
  • Once your broth is brought to a boil, add what oils you may like, according to your taste preferences and desire of spiciness
  • The vegetables we source and prepare for you, also come with tofu and udon noodles
    • Add the firmer vegetables first that take longer to cook, such as the carrots
  • As the broth continues to cook, add more vegetables and the tofu and noodles as you desire
  • Take your beef and swish in the broth for 5 – 10 seconds, depending on how rare or cooked you like your beef
  • Dip your beef, and any vegetables you choose to grab with it, and dip in any of our sauces that are made in-house
  • Accompany with the white or brown rice that is included
  • Our other fresh condiments that we provide can be added to the sauces and/or the broth as you cook and enjoy your Shabu Shabu

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