Bartending innovation is not admired as much as refinement and perfecting known techniques. Thus it is aspects like ice ball carving and increasingly complicated shakes like the Hard Shake that Japan’s mixologists aspire to.

Come enjoy one of Denver’s best Japanese Whisky selection, including awarding winning Yamasaki 18 and Yamasaki 12, as well as many other excellent Japanese Whisky’s.

Japanese bartenders are not interested in the world of crazy culinary cocktails. Instead they cultivate to perfection stirring methods and the development of a signature shake.

Here in the West some bartenders have their unabashed egos whereas modesty is prized in Japan. The best bartenders are among the most silent when working, so that they do not disrupt the guest’s experience.

The best bars seemingly fit the fewest people and survive by word of mouth and a small group of regulars that have their favorite bartenders. In these places they wield their tools, ie; personal knives, shakers and the like being very important with well-practiced skills and effortless grace. We strive for our bar to be one of those places.

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