We’re counting down the days to welcoming sushi to our dining experience. Are you excited yet? You will be when you realize that our location is one of the few restaurants in our awesome neighborhood of Lower Highland that has a sunny outdoor patio for enjoying sushi and our traditional Shabu Shabu. So when is the big release date? Lean in close and we’ll let you in on what we know…

Getting ready to introduce sushi to a restaurant menu takes a lot of work. It takes the proper prep space and experienced staff and chefs. Check, check and check! This week we’re putting the very final touches on the expanded kitchen space we have so that we can offer you high-quality, delicious sushi. And it’s almost ready!

Stay tuned here on our site and via social media to learn of the upcoming debut of our full sushi menu. We will also be featuring premium sushi, such as Toro, Unagi and many more fresh selections. If you’ve been in before to savor our Shabu Shabu and Sukiyaki, you know we’re committed to the freshest, choice-grade ingredients and quality experience. You can bet that you’ll find that with our sushi as well. But don’t just take our word for it – let these pictures speak for themselves and come in for your stomach to decide.

What better way to welcome in the spring season than to enjoy some of the best food in Denver on a warm patio with friends. We look forward to seeing you in soon!

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