swishclub_banner600x200_2We’re all about the swish (Shabu Shabu) at Kobe An. There’s something about that gentle dip of premier mouth-watering American Kobe Beef in savory broth and vegetables. Choosing how long the steaming broth cooks your meat and vegetables, you appreciate your part in the experience of your food that much more when you bring it home to your mouth.

Our passion is to share this delicious joy with Denver, its residents and visitors. To make sure that you’re part of that, The Swish Club exist here so you can learn the latest on what we’re cooking up, how we’re creating it, and how you can benefit from specials and discounts to immerse yourself into traditional Japanese cuisine.

All you have to do is subscribe. You’ll get a welcome gift for joining and each month will receive a fun digest of recipes, news that will interest your stomach and senses, and alluring stories and ways to be involved with us in our local community.

We’re thrilled to have you with us. Thank you for visiting our site and we hope you stay connected. Happy swishing!


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