10.9-10.11-1075Boy do people love talking about our meat…fortunately, what they love even more is eating it! We want you to know where we get our premium ribeye from because what we make for you and where it comes from matters to us. So please allow us to introduce to you Snake River Farms, our provider of the exquisitely delicious and unique American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef.

Kobe Beef Center-Stage

When people hear the words Kobe Beef together they either get very excited and hungry or they get worked-up about it and whether or not it’s the real thing (we’re sure they still get hungry too). That’s understandable since the Kobe cut of beef is characterized by delicious, fine marbling that is hard to come by and specific only to its Japanese heritage standards. Yet there’s more, which explains why people get worked-up about it… Until 2012, Japan did not export Kobe Beef. Many restaurants in other countries, sadly enough, lied about serving true Kobe Beef so they could charge more to the customer – definitely not our style! So what’s the big deal about Kobe Beef anyways? It has the most deliciously amazing taste that comes from extraordinarily high standards and a distinct breed of cattle that are born and raised superbly in Japan.

Enters American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef


Certified Gold Label!

Imagine the excitement among foodies and chefs, when years ago Kobe Beef was allowed to be exported to our country? We bet it was similar to when Prohibition got repealed! Okay…maybe not that big…Point being that it was a great thing for those of us who love high-quality meat but want to be able to afford it. So today we have what is officially (and yes, legally and legitimately) called American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef. Snake River Farms is one of the largest, most prestigious ranches in our country and worldwide for providing this meat. They’re recognized by celebrated chefs and beef connoisseurs, as well as provide their American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef to several Michelin Star restaurants and to your’s truly – Kobe An Shabu Shabu.

The Grand Finale

The process that Snake River Farms puts into creating American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef is truly a journey, and a meticulous one at that. It all starts at the very beginning, with the breeding and raising of the cattle. Using the direct lineage of the Japanese Wagyu Cattle, they cross-breed with premium Angus cattle. The way the cattle are raised is carefully managed, from start to finish, ensuring a happy animal and complete with animal welfare procedures and humane processing. In their words: “Snake River Farms Wagyu/Angus cross cattle are raised along the high plain of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. Our proprietary herd is one of the most highly regarded groups of American Wagyu cattle in the world. We have adopted many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding method which takes up to four times longer than traditional U.S. cattle production methods”. All this is what brings home to you American Kobe (Wagyu) Beef at Kobe An Shabu Shabu.

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